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Effective January 2019
Fabulous Reseller Memberships are P495.00

Cheatsheet / Checklist / Guide!

Receive a step by step checklist to get started right away along with a guide. We have a large library of marketing material and tools you can avail at discounted pricing as well to help you move forward. Need a branded marketing video? We’ve got you covered. Need someone to talk to about marketing and how to find and keep customers. Speak to our Help Desk! We’ve got you covered and Beginners are always welcome because you don’t have any bad habits to break. Just be sure you’re willing to learn and follow instructions.

Resellers looking for free access are no different than customers just window shopping your products. Window shoppers typically do not buy. Our free members in the past were the first to quit, the first to fail and disappear because they had nothing to lose.

Even the resellers that paid a small price, made a big difference in overcoming challenges and making sales. That’s why we no long offer free memberships.

We want committed, focused members willing to learn and follow instructions. You get higher quality material, training and support all because you help us afford the right kind of support people and material.

So with that said, if you feel P495 pesos is too much money, that is exactly why you should signup and pay for this membership so you’ll never have to feel P495 is too much ever again!

OFW's Welcome

This can be a business you can manage from anywhere in the world.

Philippine Service Only

Sell only in the Philippines. We do not ship world wide unless it's bulk.

Drop Shipping OK

Ship direct from our Philippine warehouse for convenience.

Fast Delivery!

We will ship in your name to your customer in 2-4 days anywhere in PH

PAYMENT OPTIONS: When you make your payment, please send a copy of the payment transaction to our Instant Fashion Business Facebook Page so we can start your shopping cart right away!

Pay with Paypal or CREDIT CARD

You do not need a paypal account to pay with your credit card or debit card. Your card, as long as it has a visa or mastercard logo is fine.

Just click or tap the Buy Now Button Golden Yellow Button and take your time, relax and go slow.. It’s easy to follow.  This is completely secure and we have no access to your credit card info.

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P495.00 Fabulous Membership


BPI Island Bank
Savings Dumaguete City Branch…
#9219 0743 41
—–Marilyn Mahinay


BDO airport road branch
Baclaran, Paranaque…
#000 490 25 9871
—–Marilyn Mahinay


Redemptorist Branch Baclaran…
#302 3 302-18000-9
—– Marilyn Mahinay

Union Bank
Dumaguete City
#109 451 44 0791
Marilyn Mahinay


Marilyn Mahinay
Address: Sto. Nino Rd, Springville Homes,
Banilad, Dumaguete City


Marilyn Mahinay
Address: Sto. Nino Rd,
Springville Homes, Banilad,
Dumaguete City


You Absolutely Need To Know!

Please be sure to provide the correct business name and double check the spelling. In order to create your shopping cart it must be hosted on a server by a hosting company. So if you want to change the spelling of the business name or name completely, that’s fine but there is a P495 fee for the change as we have to terminate the existing account for the name you gave us and create a new account under the correct name/spelling.

This is literally doubling our work, so please double check everything before you register. Always slow down, take your time when it comes to filling up forms.

We always provide valid, valuable and ready to use info and content that you can use immediately to help promote your business. We’ve been around a long time and as a new reseller, whether you’re a newbie or not in selling online, we want to provide you with the latest in information, content, tools that will help you acquire new customers and make more sales.

We have lots of content specifically for you, but we don’t want to over-burden you or you will become too busy to find new customers. So we will send you new content all the time in your email or via messenger.

Do not ignore that info, it’s valuable info that can help you close a sale or get a new customer or even learn how to get an existing customer to buy from you again and again.

We are experienced in Facebook Ads, FB Video Promotion, YouTube Video Promotion and other ways as well. And it’s all very effective if done properly.  So when you get to that point, we can help if you need assistance.